Integrating Blossom with web sockets via

I’ve been exploring the world of web sockets with HTML canvas items.  I found that seems to be the most robust web socket library that can fall back to more traditional (and less efficient) approaches when a browser doesn’t support web sockets.  One API that runs across multiple platforms.

I’m ready to try to attempt to integrate that work with blossom; a canvas-based application framework in javascript that is destined to be the basis of a new generation of web applications.

So, off we go.  Install node.js to get node and npm.

Grab a copy of the latest (unstable) version of blossom.

git clone

Within the repository, run the base application using node.js.

node projectfile.js

Now, create a simple application to start to develop within. Create a new file ‘dynamic.js’ with the following:

require(‘./buildtools’); // adds the SC and BT namespaces as globals

var path = require(‘path’);

var project = BT.Project.create({
“static”: BT.Directory.create({
“dynamic”:         require(‘./examples/dynamic’),
“sproutcore”:    require(‘./node/buildfile’)

Copy the examples/<>example into examples/dynamic to set up a simple app.

Run a quick test on this,  ‘node dynamic.js’



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