Exploring Blossom.js

I’ve been developing iOS apps as a hobby for a few years now.  I’ve learned the in’s and out’s of iOS, objective-C, and the UI frameworks that Apple has developed.  At the same time, I’ve seen my goals expand from writing an app on an iDevice to writing an app that runs on a variety of platforms, including iOS devices, OSX, and Windows. I may even want to include Android devices and Windows Phone devices in the future.

As a one-man team, I need to be as efficient as possible to hit all these platforms.  To that end, I have been watching for the emergence of a cross-platform solution that I can leverage.  I recently learned of Blossom and I think I found what I’ve been looking for.  Blossom is based on javascript and can run in modern browsers (Safari, Internet Explorer  8+, Chrome).  The blossom team is also creating native runtimes for iOS, OSX and Windows.

“Blossom can support native runtimes on the desktop (Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux) and on mobile devices (iOS, Android, and Windows Phone) and tablets (iOS, Android) — and that’s in addition to modern web browsers, all with the same API.” — Erich Ocean at github.

Blossom targets the source of poor responsiveness, DOM traversals, by removing the DOM and moving to a Canvas-based UI.  Adding in a high-performance animation engine (inspired by Apples’s Quartz 2D engine), Blossom promises a buttery-smooth UI across a variety of platforms, all from a common Javascript code base.


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